Courses Required To Complete Program:

ItemCourse TitleTheory/Lab   (Hours) Online    (Hours)Total  (Hours) 
MOUS IIMicrosoft Office User specialist II3272104
 A+A+ Core Competency122840
Net +Network +122840
LOTUS SALotus Systems Administration286896
LOTUS ADLotus Application Development155772
 Total Hours 134314676

Theory and lab hours may vary depending upon needs of participant. However, total hours will remain constant for each course. 

Program Prerequisites: High School Diploma, GED and 12 on Wonderlic Scholastic Exam. 

Number of hours to complete program: 448 

Number of Days to Complete the Program: 56 Day/ 112 Night 

Tools and Equipment: Laptop computer, A+ textbook, Mous Textbook, Quick Books Textbooks, Internet Textbooks, computer repair kit. 

Actual Number of Weeks To Complete The Program: May vary, based upon number of hours per day student scheduled to attend class. 

Program Description and Educational Objectives: This program is designed with introduction topics that will teach students the intricate workings of Personal Computers and how they interact with other network areas. The student will begin with the Microsoft Office User module (MOUS) and thereby become proficient with basic office applications. Next, students will encounter the A+ Competency course (A+), so that they may learn DOS and PC architecture, be introduced to the components and functions necessary to work in a PC support or Electronic services environment. In the Network + (NET+) module, students will be taught how to perform in computer support and network administration environments, by installing a network operating system and support a network directory structure. The Lotus System Administration (Lotus SA) module will familiarize students with key features in the domino R5, and they will have the opportunity to use the Domino administrator client. The Lotus Application Development (Lotus AD) track will teach individuals how to support rapid development of Domino Applications, and the Domino Designer R5 programming enhancements and other topics. 

The overall objective of this program is to train students so that they will be able to seek entry to mid level employment, in computer support, network administration and management. Some graduates from this program will move into more advanced areas of the Information Technology field, whereby they will advance in their occupation, as well as increase their income level. Students completing courses in the program should be prepared to sit for certification exams. 

Program Summary: This program is offered to prepare individuals expressing a desire to work in the Information Technology field with the skills and theory currently needed in the computer industry, and inform the students of the process necessary for passing certification tests. 

The program is intended for those with a high school diploma, GED and the prerequisites as a score of 12 on the Wonderlic Scholastic Exam 

Entry level positions for this program will be Help Desk Assistant; Office Suite positions include Help Desk Analyst, End User Support Specialist, Technical Support Specialist, and Assistant Network Administrator. Lotus participants will be able to understand application development and industry standard programming languages, and operate with JavaScript, as well as perform in a System Administrator capacity for Lotus.