Courses Required To Complete Program:

ItemCourse TitleTheory (Hours) Lab (Hours)Online (Hours)

Total (Hours)

 A+A+ Core Competency4148098
 MOUSMicrosoft Office User Specialist414150168
 QBQuick Books414150168
 Total 1654450520

Theory and lab hours may vary depending upon needs of participant. However, total hours will remain constant for each course. 

Program Prerequisites: Enrollment in Barber Styling Program, high school diploma, GED or ability to benefit.

Number of hours to complete program: 520 

Tools and Equipment: Laptop computer, A+ textbook, Mous Textbook, Quick Books Textbooks, Internet Textbooks, computer repair kit. 

Program Description and Educational Objectives: This is a blended learning program, utilizing elearning and traditional instructor led techniques which are part of a “High Tech - High Touch” approach for image professionals, and is designed with introduction topics that will teach students the intricate workings of Personal Computers and how they interact with other network areas. Students will encounter the A+ Competency course (A+), so that they may learn DOS and PC architecture, be introduced to the components and functions necessary to work in a PC support or Electronic services environment. The student will continue with the Microsoft Office User module (MOUS) and thereby become proficient with basic office applications. Since the Barbering (Image) professional must keep track of their income and expenses, because it is mostly comprised of self employed persons, students will learn how to operate software that will enhance their record keeping capabilities, and stay on top of their inventory used for clients, as well as retail. Concluding will be the Internet portion, enabling students to participate in the ecommerce environment. 

The overall objective of this program in to train students so that they will be able to perform at a higher level as self employed persons, utilizing barbering skills and excellent business skills. As a result, students involved in this program will advance in their occupations, as well as increase their level of income. 

Program Summary: The program is designed for individuals enrolled in an image professionals training program. This program is offered to prepare individuals expressing a desire to work in the image profession the information and skills needed to blend information technology with their profession.