Courses Required To Complete Program:

ItemCourse TitleTheory/Lab  (Hours)   Online    (Hours)Total  (Hours) 
MOUS IIIntermediate/advanced MOUS3272104
 A+A+ Core Competency122840
Net +Network +122840
 Total Hours 56180184

Theory and lab hours may vary depending upon needs of participant. However, total hours will remain constant for each course. 

Program Prerequisites: As Determined by Organization. 

Number of hours to complete program: 184 

Number of Days to Complete the Program: 84.5 Day/ 169 Night 

Tools and Equipment: Laptop computer, A+ textbook, Mous Textbook, Quick Books Textbooks, Internet Textbooks, computer repair kit. 

Actual Number of Weeks To Complete The Program: May vary, based upon number of hours per day student scheduled to attend class. 

Program Description/Educational Objectives/Vocational Competencies : This program is designed with introduction topics that will teach students the intricate workings of Personal Computers and how they interact with other network areas. The student will begin with the Microsoft Office User module (MOUS) and thereby become proficient with basic office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Front Page and Publisher. 

Next, students will encounter the A+ Competency course (A+), so that they may learn DOS and PC architecture, be introduced to the components and functions necessary to work in a PC support or Electronic services environment. In the Network + (NET+) module, students will be taught how to perform in computer support and network administration environments, by installing a network operating system and support a network directory structure.

The overall objective of this program is to train education professionals with the basics for applying technology to their day to day tasks in the classroom and their school sites. 

Program Summary: This program will assist professionals in mastering the required technology competencies and align the competencies with the student computer skills curriculum and the information skills curriculum. Thus, educational professionals will ensure that school district employees are equipped with the tools needed.