It is our mission to provide innovative, practical services for organizations that use our services. We will continue to emphasize professional training and personal development. We will embrace the philosophy that our clients are the reason we are in business, and our business is to assist them in the development of programs and training. We will be considered a positive force in our community, and impact all areas by providing alternatives that meet goals and solve problems.

What Sets Us Apart

We offer quality services, staff/faculty development, company web site development, training manuals for Information technology, and business plans, along with marketing guides, financial plans and services. In addition we assist schools in obtaining licensing, school development and accreditation. We are familiar with the standards of accreditation commissions, and value long term relationships with clients. We have experience and knowledge that relate to the e-learning business environment and the information technology industry. We tailor your needs in an accounting format , and deliver "mass with class, for your marketing needs."

Our Major Players

Nan W Johnson