ElearnBMCS has developed elearning curriculum for many technology topics, including ecommerce. It delivers staff development services across the United States!!!

Our mission

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide innovative, practical services for organizations that use our services. We will continue to emphasize professional training and personal development. We will embrace the philosophy that our clients are the reason we are in business, and our business is to assist them in the development of programs and training. We will be considered a positive force in our community, and impact all areas by providing alternatives that meet goals and solve problems.

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Our Professional Services

Our consultant portion of this organization offer a wide range of information technology and financial services. Since its founding more than 25 years ago, the organization has been devoted to upgrading the quality management information systems of accounting services, training and communications.

Web-Based Training

These types of classes are delivered on line, and provide trainees the opportunity to work on course information at a time that is convenient for them. Also, this learning option will let individuals receive an education while " on the go". The web based training is usually presented in a blended learning format that will assist individuals with the more complex techniques. Generally in this format , delivery will allow interactive learning that will add depth , and reach persons who prefer self paced study.

Hands-On Training

These types of classes are delivered in an instructor led, typical classroom environment. Delivery of these various sessions may be presented at the clients site or a site determined by both organizations. Trainees will learn the latest applications from knowledgeable , certified instructors in a hands on, comfortable environment. In addition sessions will be conducted at a time and day that is convenient for the organization and its employees or clients.